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Leading Prosthetics Device Manufacturer WillowWood Global Releases Myoelectric Prosthetics Liner With Coapt

Leading Prosthetics Device Manufacturer WillowWood Global Releases Myoelectric Prosthetics Liner With Coapt

Mount Sterling, Ohio – WillowWood Global LLC (“WillowWood”), a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of prosthetic products, today announced that it has released the Alpha Control Liner System in collaboration with Coapt LLC, the first prosthetic liner with embedded electronics.  The liner’s novel design and embedded electronics capture and condition muscle contraction signals generated by the wearer and communicate seamlessly with a Coapt Complete Control myoelectric pattern recognition system in the prosthesis.  The Alpha Control Liner System benefits individuals utilizing a myoelectric prosthesis by enabling more comfortable and consistent electrode contact with the skin, therefore providing better functional control of the prosthesis.  Further it reduces the time and complexity of fitting and fabricating the prosthesis.

“We believe the Alpha Control Liner System will advance the care of upper extremity prosthesis patients by overcoming the key challenges with myoelectric prosthesis interfaces” said Matt Wernke PhD, Director of Research and Development at WillowWood.  “The results from our Department of Defense funded clinical trial found that Alpha Control Liner System improved outcomes across key metrics for both the patient and clinician compared to current standard of care interfaces.”

The robust and high quality myoelectric signals from the Alpha Control Liner System enable peak performance of Coapt’s Complete Control System.  The Complete Control system uses machine learning to decode the intentions of the user and control actions of the prosthesis.  “Coapt was the first to commercialize pattern recognition technology for myoelectric prostheses and has stayed a leader in innovaton. This partnership with WillowWood brings together revolutionary liner technology and best-in-class myoelectric technology to define the new gold standard for prosthesis control,” says Blair Lock, CEO of Coapt.

“We are excited to lead the transformation of the prosthetic interface from passive to more functionally capable.  This system focuses on addressing the challenges persistent in upper extremity myoelectric prostheses and in the future will have impact for other levels of prosthetic care.” said Daniel Rubin, COO of WillowWood.

About WillowWood Global LLC

Based in Mount Sterling, Ohio, WillowWood Global ( is an industry leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of prosthetic products, including liners, feet, vacuum systems and components. Recognized for its products’ superior innovation, quality, and patient outcomes, WillowWood’s portfolio includes the Alpha® family of liners, the Koa® LP and Meta® families of high-activity feet, the LimbLogic® vacuum system, and the OMEGA® CAD system. For over 115 years, WillowWood’s prosthetic products have helped individuals with limb loss find comfort and functionality, remain active, and live life to the fullest.

About Coapt LLC

Coapt LLC (, based in Chicago, IL, was founded in 2012 and is the industry leader in myoelectric machine learning control applications. Coapt’s FDA Class II-cleared Complete Control product line was first launched in 2012 is the preeminent technology allowing upper limb prosthesis users to naturally control their advanced, bionic prosthetic arms and hands.