RevoFit Definitive Sockets


WillowWood is now an authorized fabrication outlet for RevoFit Sockets!

RevoFit Sockets are an alternative socket design using strategically-placed panels, laces and dials enabling amputees to adjust the fit of their sockets. A Direct or Versa kit is included in our fabrication service and pricing, so there’s no need to order separately. Additionally, we include a restringing kit with every socket for your convenience.  Refer to our quick guide for how easy it is to order.

RevoFit Sockets may be personalized with fabric or pigments. For personalized laminations, send in fabric when placing the order. We’ll include in the lamination at no extra charge.

Product Highlights:

• Direct or Versa Kit included with fabrication
• High-quality workmanship
• Restringing Kit included
• Strategically placed panels and laces enable amputees to adjust the fit of their sockets
• Online, comprehensive course available for 8 ABC credits. Click to enroll!

L-Code Suggestions

Lead time for RevoFit Definitive Sockets: 5 days

Warranty: 90 days from date of invoice on workmanship

Trial Period: 10 days from date of invoice
Credit applied upon approval and/after evalutation of returned product.



Should any lead time not be met, we will call the customer and ship the custom fabrication order at our expense.

WillowWood Core™ TT Socket with RevoFit® Order Form (Fillable PDF)
WillowWood Core™ TF Socket with RevoFit® Order Form (Fillable PDF)

Product No. Description
CS-DSTF-302 Definitive Socket, Single Lamination, TF
CS-DSAD-360-64 Flexible Insert Material (Polyethylene, Proflex with Silicone, OP-TEK Flex Black, OP-TEK Flex Natural, Orfit X-Soft with Silicone), TF
CS-DSTT-202 Definitive Socket, Single Lamination, TT
CS-DSAD-260-64 Flexible Insert Material (Polyethylene, Proflex with Silicone, OP-TEK Flex Black, OP-TEK Flex Natural, Orfit X-Soft with Silicone), TT
CS-DSAD-483 1 Dial, 1 Lace, 1 Window
CS-DSAD-483 Per Additional Dial & Lace
CS-DSAD-484 Per Additional Window
CS-DSAD-485 RevoLock®, 1 Dial, 1 Lace


Click Academy

Click Medical’s online education platform provides comprehensive resources for learning about the Click® Reel and Click’s adjustable kits, including RevoFit, RevoSurface, and RevoLock. The program offers downloadable PDFs, instructional videos, and access to over 30+ FREE CEUs.


To order a transtibial or transfemoral socket, save the form to your computer, complete it, and then print the order form. Include the order form when shipping the diagnostic socket or e-mail to Please be sure to complete all information on the form.


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