The META® Arc foot is built on META® architecture – a high activity carbon fiber prosthetic foot with a revolutionary unibody design. This patent-pending breakthrough features a one-piece carbon, free of wraps and hardware to reduce weight while maximizing dynamic response.

Arc features an integrated, polycentric ankle joint that mimics anatomical motion with 20° of inversion/eversion and 12 mm of side to side slide motion.  No other multiaxial foot or ankle joint provides this level of stability and terrain adaptation.

Product Highlights:
  • Polycentric ankle
  • Boltless, unibody carbon fiber design
  • Greater than 95% dynamic spring
    Energy return
  • Split keel
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • L-Codes: L5981, L5986
Foot Size 22 -30 cm
Ankle ROM 10° inversion; 10° eversion; 6mm each direction, medial and lateral translation
Heel Height 10 mm (3/8″)
Weight 727 g*
U.S. Warranty Information Foot: 36 months from date of patient fitting
Foot Shell: 6 months from date of patient fitting
Trial Period 60 days from date of patient fitting
Build Height 113 mm (4.45″)
PDAC Approved L-Codes L5981, L5986

*Size 26 Category 5 with foot cover and sock

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