The Intuy® Knee by Reboocon™ is designed to promote natural gait biomechanics and reduce strain on sound joints by employing advanced processors, sensors and algorithms.

The lightest, quietest, and most powerful prosthetic knee available, the Intuy Knee uses intuitive symmetrical sitting, an extension lock, and powered flexion and extension, to deliver consistent natural gait and stability to a wide user range with its 100Nm torque, 275lb weight limit, and 255mm build height. The knee also features seamless transitions into stair ascent/descent, sit-to-stand, and biking assistance functions.

44-hour autonomy, a full charge from empty in just 2 hours, combined with regenerative charging during resistance encounters (sitting, descending stairs or ramps) provides the patient with reliable, multi-day support.

Product is only available direct through WillowWood.
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Product Highlights:
  • Powerful, Lightweight
  • IP45 Weatherproof
  • Quiet Sound
  • 44hr Battery Standby Time
  • 2hr Full Charge
  • Regenerative Charging
  • 100Nm Torque
  • Effortless Mode Transition
  • Smooth, Natural Ambulation
Weight Limit 124.74kg (275lbs)
Build Height 255mm (10.04″)
Product Weight 2.4kg (5.29lbs) *w/ battery
Warranty 3 years from date of patient fitting
Knee Flexion 120°
Service Interval Every 1 million cycles
PDAC Approved L-Codes L5828, L5845, L5848, L5856, and L5859


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Intuy knee, a motorized external knee, there to assist you with every step.
Boost your future steps with Intuy.

Intuy Knee Training: Sitting Down and Standing Up

Intuy Knee Training: Stairs

Intuy Knee Training: Kneeling

Intuy Knee Training: Cycling

Intuy Knee Training: Ramp

Intuy Knee Training: Walking and Stability

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