Alpha® TruSeal Conical

Amputation Level
Transfemoral (AK)
Suspension Method
Cushion (Sealing)

The Alpha TruSeal liner features an integrated stepped fin-design that delivers consistent socket contact, reduces pistoning and offers improved rotational control. Platinum cured silicone is combined with an embedded fabric mesh that enables soft tissue compression and resists tears and abrasions. An interior topcoat ensures reduced tack while the exterior satin finish eliminates the need for lubricants during donning and ensures easy liner cleaning and skin hygiene

The Alpha TruSeal is designed to deliver optimum volume control through the flexibility of the embedded fabric and use of Silicone Volume Management Pads – allowing users to maintain uninterrupted suspension while accommodating daily volume fluctuations


AK Symmetrical, Fabricless, Conical

Part Number Profile Color Size
S494-1125 AK Symmetrical Taupe 25
S494-1126 AK Symmetrical Taupe 26.5
S494-1128 AK Symmetrical Taupe 28
S494-1130 AK Symmetrical Taupe 30
S494-1132 AK Symmetrical Taupe 32
S494-1134 AK Symmetrical Taupe 34
S494-1137 AK Symmetrical Taupe 37
S494-1140 AK Symmetrical Taupe 40
S494-1143 AK Symmetrical Taupe 43
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Sealing liner delivers consistent socket contact and reliable suspension

Amputation Level
Transfemoral (AK)
Suspension Method
Cushion (Sealing)