The evolution of LimbLogic provides elevated vacuum in an easy to use system.

LimbLogic Field Diagnostics

LimbLogic is an electronic elevated vacuum system that features a small, Bluetooth® Low Energy fob, inductive charging, and a choice of mounting style. The controller is offered as a distal-mount 4-hole controller to mount inline with a prosthesis or, when clearance is a concern, a side-mount to place on the side of a socket. Both options feature a field-serviceable outlet filter.

A  handheld fob allows practitioners to program LimbLogic for a set range of vacuum. The system continually monitors a socket’s vacuum level, maintaining a secure fit. Amputees may use the fob to increase or decrease the vacuum level as desired within the range set by the clinician. Regardless of the style used, the LimbLogic Controller is waterproof in fresh water to a depth of 3 meters (10 feet) for up to 12 hours at a time. The hand-held fob should not be exposed to water.

A silicone sleeve with repositionable cuff has been designed for use with the LimbLogic system. The sleeve’s repairable inner cuff may be rotated should a leak occur so that an airtight seal may be maintained at all times. The LimbLogic Sleeve enhances knee flexibility and is constructed of medical-grade silicone.

Product Highlights:
  • Inductive charging for easy patient use
  • Utilizes a small, convenient, Bluetooth® Low Energy fob
  • Both pump styles are waterproof in fresh water
  • The Controller & LimbLogic Sleeve work together for an airtight, secure system
  • LimbLogic Sleeve enhances knee flexibility
  • Control LimbLogic from your iPhone or iPad
Product Weight Distal Mount: 225 g
Side Mount: 209 g
Fob: 17 g
Product Height Distal Mount: 1.42″ (36 mm)
Side Mount: 1.386″ (35.22 mm) x 3.943″ (100.15 mm)
Patient Weight 350 lb (160 kg) for U.S. Activity Level 3*
300 lb (136 kg) for U.S. Activity Level 4*
Trial Period 30 days from date of patient fitting
Warranty 24 months from date of patient fitting
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5781

*Body weight plus any loads normally or routinely carried cannot exceed this weight limit.

Product No. Description
LLV-2000-L LimbLogic® Unilateral Kit, Lamination
LLV-2002-L LimbLogic Bilateral Kit, Lamination
LLV-2000-T LimbLogic Unilateral Kit, Thermoplastic
LLV-2002-T LimbLogic Bilateral Kit, Thermoplastic
LLV-2000-S LimbLogic Side Mount Kit, Unilateral

LimbLogic has evolved! Our updated training video shows you how.

Watch the step-by-step fabrication of LimbLogic with a Thermoplastic Drop-in Adapter.

This video goes through each step of the diagnostic process to help clinicians identify and resolve issues.

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