Alpha DESIGN® BK Liners


Custom Alpha DESIGN BK Liners are created by practitioners to provide amputees maximum comfort. Amputees with uniquely-shaped residual limbs or residual limbs that are bony, short or invaginated are perfect candidates for Alpha DESIGN BK Liners. When creating an Alpha DESIGN Liner from OMEGA®, prosthetists can adjust the gel thickness from 3 mm, such as behind the knee, to 3 mm thickness at the proximal point of the liner, to 25 mm over invaginations on the residual limb. Gel pads up to 12 mm thickness can also be applied where needed throughout the liner.

The custom fit offered in an Alpha DESIGN BK Liner finally allows amputees with less-optimally shaped residual limbs comfort while wearing their prostheses. A new socket should be fabricated, according to instructions, for the best performance of an Alpha DESIGN BK Liner. DESIGN Liners created from casts with electronic order forms will be slightly less detailed. Click here for an order form.

Product Highlights:
Interface Classic Gel
Hybrid Gel
Classic Gel/Silicone
Fabric Styles Original
Fabric-Free (Satin finish)
Colors Buff – Original, Spirit & MAX fabrics
Gray – Select fabric
Green/Gray – Original & Spirit fabrics
Brown – Original & Spirit fabrics
Taupe – Select fabric
Dark Gray – Satin finish
Warranty 12 months date of patient fitting*
U.S. L-Code Suggestion L5681 or L5683 (Initial liner, bill once per liner)
L5679 (Duplicate cushion liner) OR
L5673 (Duplicate locking liner)
L8417 (Gel Sock)

* Initial Alpha DESIGN Liners ordered with part numbers ending in “OT” or “EO” will be fabricated based on customer-provided specifications. If a customer is not satisfied with the initial DESIGN liner, it may be returned within 30 days of patient fitting for alteration, replacement, or credit at the sole discretion of WillowWood (trial period does not apply to duplicate DESIGN liners). Credit will only be applied if it is determined the product is not appropriate for the intended patient. Returns will not be accepted for customer errors.

Lead times:
Classic Gel – 5 days
Hybrid Gel – 10 days
Duo (Fabric-Free) – 10 days

Part No.




DUO (fabric-free)

ALL-DES-EO ALC-DES-EO ADC-DES-EO* Alpha DESIGN Liner via Electronic Order, Initial
ALC-DES-CC AK Comfort Cuff, Add-on (AK Liners only)
DES-WEBASSIST Webinar Assist

* Fabric-Free Alpha DESIGN Liners include a Gel Sock.

Ordering an Alpha DESIGN Liner is easy no matter your workflow.
1. Order via OMEGA®
2. Alpha DESIGN app for iOS
3. Sending plaster cast with a completed electronic order form.

NOTE: Insignia scans may be converted to AOP files and submitted by e-mail to:

Use OMEGA Software to Design Alpha DESIGN Liners


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Caring for Alpha® Liner Video
Review complete care of Alpha Liners: Putting on liners, daily cleaning, weekly disinfecting and storage.

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