Features of WillowWood’s Alpha® Liners

Features of WillowWood’s Alpha® Liners

All residual limbs are not the same. Our liners offer options to give patients the best fit with the most comfort.

Liner Fabrics

  • Available in two colors – grey and taupe
  • Allows for easy bending and flexing of the knee
  • One-way stretch fabric controls pistoning without a distal matrix
  • Allows circumferential stretch, yet maintains liner elongation within specified limits
  • Available in green/gray, buff, and medium brown in select liner offerings
  • Durable fabric that extends the life of a liner
  • Smooth texture allows for ease in donning prosthetic socket
  • Available in buff color
  • Flexible unbroken loop fabric allows easy donning and doffing
  • Ideal for geriatric amputees
  • Available in buff color only
  • One-way stretch fabric minimizes pistoning yet maintains durability
  • Fabric allows for increased range of knee motion

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Interface Materials

Alpha Classic Gel
  • Unique thermoplastic elastomer that provides comfort and protection
  • Skin-friendly gel with mineral oil
Alpha Hybrid Gel
  • A thermoplastic elastomer that is a bridge between Alpha Classic Gel and silicone
  • Durable gel with Vitamin E
Express Silicone
  • Softer-durometer silicone that replicates the feel and comfort of TPE gel liners
  • Platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone contains skin-friendly Vitamin E
  • Proprietary platinum-cured medical grade silicone designed for comfort and performance
  • Custom blend of Vitamin E and skin conditioners for a non-greasy and non-tacky surface.
SmartTemp Silicone featuring Outlast®
  • Exclusive formula contains Outlast® that continually absorbs, stores, and releases excess body heat when needed most.
  • Uses medical-grade silicone yet as skin temperature rises, the silicone softens and feels similar to thermoplastic elastomer.
  • Liner technology proactively manages the build-up of heat and moisture resulting in less sweating and chafing.

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Transtibial Liner Profiles

Progressive Profile
  • Gel thins to 2.5 mm behind knee for broad range of knee motion
  • Provides extra cushioning at distal end and over tibial crest
  • Good choice for moderate to high activity level transtibial patients


Uniform Profile
  • Gel is distributed evenly throughout the liner
  • Gel behind the knee thins to 3mm for easy bending of the knee
  • Well-suited for most transtibial applications

Tapered Profile
  • Extra 3 mm of gel around the distal circumference
  • Gel behind the knee thins to 3 mm for easy bending of the knee
  • Ideal for conical residual limbs and applications


Contoured Profile
  • Additional 3 mm gel pads on anterior distal walls
  • Gel behind the knee thins to 3mm for easy bending of the knee
  • Good choice for transtibial amputees with prominent tibial crests

Symmetrical Profile
  • Offered in two proximal thicknesses: 4.5 mm and 6 mm
  • 6 mm has symmetrical thickness throughout the liner
  • 4.5 mm version has 9 mm distally for extra comfort
  • Rotatable to extend the life of the liner

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Transfemoral Liner Profiles

AK Profile
  • 9 mm lateral gel pads protect distal femur
  • Thin top edge for slim profile under clothing
  • Ideal comfort for transfemoral amputees

Symmetrical AK Profile
  • 9 mm gel thickness distally for maximum comfort
  • Rotatable to extend life of the liner
  • Good choice for transfemoral amputees who prefer a thin gel profile
  • Well-suited for transfemoral amputees who reflect liners for greater comfort at the socket trim line

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